Our Services

Ambient started as an export company of fresh fruit and vegetables while connecting producers and growers from Israel with international customers. Today Ambient provides a wide variety of services for its customers in Israel and worldwide.

List of services

Export of Fresh Produce from Israel

Ambient is exporting fresh organic vegetables and fruits and a selection of exotic fruits from Israel to Europe and North America. Ambient has proven experience of 11 years in the fresh produce business with professional knowledge, meeting the market requirements, working with multiple customers and providing personal and committed services to its suppliers and clients.

Ambient Evrope – import of products into the European Union

Ambient Evrope provides import solution to different companies interested in importing their products to the EU. The services include working with official entities and regulators in Europe, dealing with VAT and Duty including tax return when applied, connection to the TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System) including digital signed documents for goods which require inspection (Phyto, Organic, Health etc,) and more. In addition, the company is offering marketing and sales services as well as logistic and financial services for exporters in many countries.

Trade and Import of Fruits and Vegetables to the EU

Through our company Ambient Evrope we are offering wide variety of possibilities of trade and import of fresh produce into and inside Europe. Ambient Evrope is also providing extended solutions for sales, marketing and connections between suppliers and customers all over the European continent.

Representing international companies in Israel

Ambient is offering international companies a connection with Israeli companies and representing services. Binding companies on our global era is not an easy mission and Ambient is equipped to do this task with language skills, deep cultural understanding and transparent and direct approach. Through many years of experience Ambient is finding solutions for accounting requirements, legal representation, management services and more in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German and Hebrew.

Opening markets for food products

One of Ambient’s leading services is creating contacts and finding markets and customers for food products. If you have a food product you would like to distribute, Ambient will find the proper customers, create the contact while considering cultural backgrounds in different countries, manage the customers’ retention and find solutions for logistic issues, assist with standard customization and implementation, and establish the sales and marketing system.

Organization of Agriculture International Events

Ambient is offering organization of seminars, workshops, conventions and professional touts on the agriculture sector in Israel and around the world. The main goal is to introduce technologies and marketing tools as well as exposing different agriculture innovations and technologies.

Connecting Israel’s Agriculture to Latin American countries

Ambient is opening markets for Israeli companies in the agriculture sector as well as finding Israeli technology solutions for international companies especially in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and more. Agriculture Projects, leading crops, and connection between companies is what we offer together with proven experience in the agriculture sector and with agriculture projects.

Leading Projects of Water and Sewage Treatment

Ambient is the leading company which creates connections between Israeli companies dealing with Water Treatment, Desalination, Purification, Sewage Treatment, Water Recycling and Irrigation – and Brazilian companies of the sector. We offer multiple solutions for Water treatments and connection with the leading Israeli companies of the sector.