About Ambient

Ambient is an Israeli company operating since 2008. Ambient is active in market development and provides comprehensive solutions in Water, Energy, Agriculture and Food products. Ambient also exports actively from Israel to selected customers in the European Union and North America.

Ambient Israel

Through wide connections in many countries, Ambient connects Israeli companies with International markets using know-how, experience and cultural background. Ambient is promoting and implementing with its client’s multiple projects with partnership, transparency and high credibility.
Ambient team has acknowledged professional experience over many years and we are leading our suppliers and customers to success on the following aspects: Logistics Marketing Sales Project Initiatives

Ambient Evrope

Ambient Evrope d.o.o. registered in Slovenia and in the Netherlands and dealing with trade and import to the European Union as well as handling several projects in the Balkan region and in West Europe.
The company was established on 2012 and is located in Koper port in Slovenia. The company offer to its customers multiple logistic services including import services, transportation by air, sea and road, market development in Europe and financial and collection services from customers.
Interservice d.o.o. is Ambient Evrope’s logistic partner which deals with any delivery with the highest attention with excellent professional level. The advantages of Interservice are credibility, loyalty, precision and flexibility.

Our Team

Eliezer Levin


Eliezer was born in Brazil and he is an Agriculture specialist (Agronomist), teacher, father and grandfather. Eliezer has a vast experience in management of industrial plants and educational institutes and he has a Master Degree in Water and Soil Agronomy. Eliezer is and has implemented agriculture projects in South America and Africa and he is a leading consultant for Agriculture, Education, Water and Management all over the world.

Amit Levin

Managing Director and Business Development

Amit was born in Israel and he has more than 20 years of experience in management positions in the fresh produce business. His main expertise is marketing of Organic and Nish Products. Amit is the founder of Ambient together with Eliezer and he is actively developing businesses in Europe and in South American countries.

Tirtza Levin

Managing Director, Finance and Logistics

Tirtza was born in Israel and she is co-CEO, director and shareholder of Ambient. Tirtza has 15 years of experience in process management and logistics in leading Israeli Hi-Tech companies. Tirtza is leading today the logistics and the financial part in Ambient.

Stephanie Yaron

Sales Manager

Stephanie was born in the Netherlands. Stephanie is the sales manager of Ambient and has more than 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing from which more than 11 years in the fresh produce sector. Stephanie specializes in finding new customers and maintaining a big customer base with exceptional skills and excellence.

Gorana Japelj Bezjak

Ambient Evrope CFO and Ambient’s Representative in Slovenia

Gorana is our representative in Slovenia. She and her company are providing financial and accounting services for Ambient and Ambient Evrope since 2012. Gorana represents our interests in the European Union, working with authorities and dealing with financial issues with great credibility, flexibility and devotion.


Exporter Certificate

Ambient Evrope Organic Certificate

Organic Certificate for USA (NOP)

Ambient’s Organic Certificate

Export Certificate 2018