Linking up Israeli and Brazilian companies for agricultural projects


MVN Consultant, State of Tocatins Ministry of Agriculture, Brazil

Type of Service

Linking up Israeli farming with Latin America

The Challenge

Tocatins is a state located in northern Brazil and has ample land and a small population, with many prospects for agricultural development. The primary challenge is to implement new farming technologies in different fields in order to support the development of agriculture in the state.


Ambient has been involved in entrepreneurial agricultural projects in Tocatins for a number of years. The range of proposed projects started with growing fruit which are suitable to the local climate, through greenhouse farming in order to produce vegetables for the domestic market, to technological adaptations in the field of irrigation. Today Ambient is involved in developing a large-scale irrigation project for open-field crops which today are grown with no irrigation. In addition, Ambient has partnered with several entities in the State, including private entrepreneurs, the Ministry of Agricultre, and agricultural research facilities, with the intend of promiting the integration of Israeli technologies to this remote Brazilian state.

Financial Activity

US$ 2 million in 2019


State of Tocatins, Brazil

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