Importing and trading agricultural goods and identifying markets in Europe


Kleopas Pomegranates, Radiki/Pegasus, Brazilian fruit growers

Type of Service

Importing produce into the European Union from different sources

The Challenge

Identifying markets for produce from different sources and selling it in the European Union. Linking up producers of fruits, vegetables and foodstuffs with various clients in the European Union.


Ambient works to identify solutions for selling agricultural goods and other food-related products for producers worldwide.
Radiki/Pegasus - an organic citrus fruit producer in Greece - selling organic lemons grown in Greece and opening up new markets for the grower in Slovenia and in other countries. This is a new market to which the producer hadn't had any exposure.
Kleopas Pomegranates - a pomegranate producer in Cyprus - sourcing fruit in Israel for processing at a plant in Cyprus before and after the main seasons, marketing final processed goods in Europe including pomegranate juice and packaged pomegranate seeds.
Brazilian fruit grower - identifying markets for Brazilian-grown lime, mango, and figs in Europe, including compliance with import standards and identifying final clients.

Financial Activity

Approx. € 150 thousand annually


Cyprus, Greece, Brazil, Serbia

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