Identifying specialized Israeli suppliers in the fields of water and energy for a Brazilian client


Fortlev Indústria e Comércio de Plásticos Ltda

Type of Service

Leading Projects of Water and Sewage Treatment, Representing international companies in Israel

The Challenge

FortLev engages in the production of water tanks and civil engineering works in Brazil. The company seeks to expand its fields of operation and to engage actively in the field of water treatment, and to offer other solutions for water and energy storage. The challenge the company is facing is finding partners with appropriate technologies in the field of water treatment, as well as water and energy storage, in Israel, in order to implement and sell such solutions in Brazil.


Ambient has introduced FortLev to a number of projects in the field of water treatment during a short visit held by Mr Antonio Tores, the owner of the company, in Israel. Upon conclusion of the visit FortLev invited Ambient for a tour in Brazil, together with a water engineer engaged by Ambient, in order to prospect solutions for a number of potential projects in the field of water. The visit was held in February of 2019. Another visit in Israel ensued, where additional soltuions in the field of water were presented, as well as new technologies addressing water and energy storage. Today Ambient serves as FortLev's representative in Israel, actively gathering solutions in different fields related to water and energy for its Brazilian client. Ambient has introduced FortLev to the Israeli comapny AST, which offers solutions in the field of water treatment, and a partnership agreement has been signed between the two companies to cooperate on different projects in Brazil, as well as in other countries around the world.

Financial Activity

US$ 5 million in 2019


Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil

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