Identifying markets for high-grade organic peppers for a leading farmer in the Arava region


Galili-Peleg Agriculture Ltd

Type of Service

Import of products into the European Union

The Challenge

Galili-Peleg Agriculture is Israel's largest producer of organic pepper. Since Galili-Peleg operates on a large scale on one hand, but has only one crop on the other hand, the primary challenge is to establish marketing strategies which are large enough in scope in order to offer a viable solution for selling off most of the client's produce.


Ambient, in cooperation with Galili-Peleg, handles all aspects of marketing, including plans for annual production quantities, interaction with clients, and finalizing details such as weekly quantities, fruit size and color, and loading programs. Preparing the seasonal plan for the subsequent season begins even before sales for the current season have ended. The Galili-Peleg team, together with Ambient, visit the clients abroad, creating a direct contact and putting in place an active, fully transparent communication channel between the producer and the end client, significantly shortening the supply chain and contributing to clients' trust. The direct contact with clients, as well as a marketing plan based on pre-determined quantities and prices, offer the producer peace of mind and guarantee success.

Financial Activity

NIS 7 million annually


Moshav Idan, Arava region, Israel

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