Identifying an organic pepper producer in Israel


Len Wright Salads

Type of Service

Import of products into the European Union

The Challenge

Len Wright Salads (LWS) was looking for a reliable Israeli supplier of organic bell pepper and elongated pepper, as well as other products which may be added over time. The primary challenge was to identify top-quality suppliers whose operations are suitable for UK supermarket chains, who can commit to a good-quality, constant supply over the entire period of the plan.


Ambient has identified Galili-Peleg Agriculture Ltd, the leading producer of organic pepper in Israel, and teamed them up with the client. Over a short period of time, and through the joint efforts of both the supplier and the client, we have been able to bring the supplier to meet the required standards, and in particular the ethical standard prevalent on the farm. Today Ambient is one of the leading suppliers of LWS and is engaged in annual planning, in adding and characterizing new products, and in offering ongoing service throughout the season. Aside from products from Israel, Ambient has been connecting LWS with suppliers from other countries, such as Italy, Albania, and more. Ambient also works to increase the scope of cooperation toward more products from Israel and other countries.

Financial Activity

GBP 500 thousand annually


Southport, UK

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